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Hey everyone, I'm Jean Jaquez, A former Military man aka an Army guy. I completed almost 4 years in US Army service until I was medically discharged after 3 surgeries. Now I am what you see here on this website an Army Vet, Father of 2 beautiful girls, husband to an amazing wife, a full-time college student, and last but not least serial entrepreneur.

Now me being in the "make money online" industry for 7+ years has given me the skills & powers to have success in the simplest way for myself and others if they follow what I teach.  If you're struggling and trying to crack the code to online success with your business, let me simplify things for you and help you to finally start moving forward towards your financial success.

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur because I've never stuck to one single business on my journey to the success I am having. Now before all this, I'm of course a father & a husband. Well, I don't want to say I woke up one day and BOOM I was a huge success and started to make thousands online because if I did then this would be pretty much a movie. 

I'll keep it short and simple here. I have been in the "Make money online" industry for about 7+ years and can honestly say I just started having great success in my last 3 years. This goes to show you that those "Get rich quick schemes" are 100% fake and there is no way to make millions overnight with very little money to start. If there is please message me and let me know because I been looking for it forever lol.

To get to know my full story click on the button below where I'll explain in better details my story and maybe if you don't wanna read you can just watch & listen to my video.


There is no single definition to success...

success is what you make of it.

It's always best to get a second or third person opinion..
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Every entrepreneur, on-line or brick-n-mortar needs to have an Internet presence; they need a sharp, fast, eye-popping web site to promote an affiliate product, perhaps a product they created or a service they provide. I'm about quality and professionalism and for that reason, I both use for my businesses and recommend to all my clients the Builderall all-in-one business marketing platform. This is way more than just an outstanding web site system, this is a full-blown business marketing platform. Get all the details and a FREE 14-Day Test Drive and see for yourself just how powerful this is!

Now for those that are 18+ of age & living in the USA then I have a great beginners aka newbie friendly network marketing businness. I say this is great because the company is a financial education & credit repair company that gives you the chance to earn commission from getting refferals. With the knowledge and training the company provides, you can be in profit in less than a week by apply the financial strategies you'll learn. You can earn as little as $50 - $2,000 a week and that is on the conservative side from their refferal commissions. Oh yeah and myEcon is a BBB accredited company and has an A+ rating.

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